for Celebrating the Centenary

  1. Bring the centenary of the Annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity to the attention of your pastor no later than September 2007.

  2. With this encouragement, form – or be a part of a committee that is representative of all the Christian communities that will plan an observance.

  3. Establish a calendar of regular meetings. Identify persons responsible for meeting notes and keep all pastors informed of progress.

  4. Contact your country's Week of Prayer office for specially prepared resource materials.

    In the U.S.: Graymoor Ecumenical Interreligious Institute, Graymoor, PO Box 300, Garrison, NY 10524, (

    In Canada: Commission on Faith and Witness of the Canadian Council of Churches ( (Materials available in both English & French)

    In Italy: Centro Pro Unione ( Via S. Maria dell'Anima, 30, I-00186 ROME, ITALY.

  5. Use the resource materials to craft a service that is appropriate and memorable. Don't overlook the gifts and talents of members of participating congregations – e.g. musicians, dancers, singers, artists, etc.

  6. Identify a prominent preacher for the principal service and ascertain his/her availability. Discuss and come to agreement about the preacher's stipend as well as any other items – e.g. overnight accommodations, transportation.

  7. Invite participants to bring non-perishable food items that can be given to a local food bank or soup kitchen or used clothing to donate to a homeless shelter.

  8. Arrange for fellowship and refreshments following the service.

  9. Plan to follow the service with a meeting at which the committee evaluates the experience.

  10. Consider what the next steps might be to build on what was achieved.