for an Essay Contest

  1. Identify an audience. (e.g. high school students through school religion departments or parish religion education programs.)

  2. Invite co-sponsors. (e.g. arch/diocesan ecumenical office, local Council of Churches, arch/diocesan newspaper)

  3. Select a theme. (Consider using the scriptural theme of the annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.)

  4. Determine the length of an eligible essay. (Co-sponsors, especially if there are plans to publish winning essays, are most helpful.)

  5. Make a promotion plan. (e.g. advertisements in church publications, parish bulletins.)

  6. Assemble judges. (Make sure the judges are ecumenically as well as contestant sensitive; don't overlook the religion writer for the local paper.)

  7. Determine the number of winners. (and, if necessary, the number of categories.)

  8. Provide prizes. (e.g. gift certificate or cash prize as well as publication)

  9. Choose publication venue. (e.g. the arch/diocesan newspaper and/or local newspaper.)

  10. Arrange for an awards ceremony. (e.g. a school assemble, meeting of the local ministerial association.)