to Pray for Unity

  1. Prayer is the soul of the ecumenical movement. Decree on Ecumenism, Vatican II

  2. Jesus' own prayer to the Father on the eve of his death was "that they may all be one" (Jn 17: 21).

  3. If Christians, despite their divisions, can grow ever more united in common prayer around Christ, they will grow in the awareness of how little divides them in comparison to what unites them. If they meet more often and more regularly before Christ in prayer, they will be able to gain the courage to face all the painful human reality of their divisions, and they will find themselves together once more in that community of the Church which Christ constantly builds up in the Holy Spirit, in spite of all weaknesses and human limitations. Pope John Paul II, Ut unum sint

  4. "The ecumenical movement needs visible signs of Christian unity, and the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is one of them. For churches in Slovakia, it is perhaps the most visible sign of what members of different churches in our country have in common." Ondrej Prostrednik, general secretary of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Slovakia , Prayer - visible sign and instrument of Christian unity.

  5. Christ the Lord founded one church and one church only; division openly contradicts the will of Christ, scandalizes the world and damages the holy cause of preaching the Gospel. Decree on Ecumenism Unitatis redintegratio, Vatican II

  6. Prayer, with a great sweep of wings, rises above all differences and makes it possible for us all to rest together in the Heart of Christ. Abbé Paul Couturier

  7. Prayer is the way by which God accomplishes things; first He makes His servants ask and then by His power He accomplishes their request. So that this Unity Octave originating here at Graymoor will be a potential power to bring the very thing to accomplishment which our feeble intellects are not able to measure outwardly and to comprehend. Fr. Paul Wattson

  8. Prayer, in its energy and power, may be likened to that invisible something in the material world which we call electricity; like the wind, we see its visible effects but the secret of its tremendous influence cannot be fathomed. Fr. Paul Wattson

  9. (P)rayer will always gather people, in the same way as Mary and the apostles gathered, to pray for the coming of the Spirit which will unite the peoples in one language, and to pray for a renewed Pentecost (Acts 1.13f) Cardinal Walter Kasper, Vatican's Pontifical Council for promoting Christian Unity, That They May All Be One: The Call to Unity Today.

  10. Ecumenical work…is a spiritual task and can be nothing other than participation in the High Priestly Prayer of Jesus…This means prayer, especially common ecumenical prayer, for the unity of Christians... Cardinal Walter Kasper, Vatican's Pontifical Council for promoting Christian Unity, That They May All Be One: The Call to Unity Today.