to Promote Ecumenical Involvement

  1. In conjunction with your pastor, discuss the feasibility of an ecumenical and interfaith committee.

  2. Encourage clergy participation in local ministerial associations and alliances.

  3. Make the annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (January 18 – 25) the centerpiece of your efforts.

  4. Include neighboring congregations and faith communities in the Sunday intercessions.

  5. Systematically learn the denominational and local history of neighboring churches and faith communities.

  6. Exchange – and read – parish bulletins and newsletters.

  7. Get to know your neighbors better through social events. E.g. concerts, choir festivals, lectures, pot luck suppers.

  8. Exchange program ideas – and programs – with similar organizations; schedule joint programs on topics and issues of mutual interest.

  9. Create or augment an ecumenical – and interfaith – section in the local public library.

  10. Subscribe to Ecumenical Trends for your pastor.